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Little Big Love; Little Grey Big Sloan

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Stefania. Ste. 22. Italian.
LOVE;; TV SHOW; Grey's Anatomy. Lexie Grey. Lexiepedia. Chyler Leigh. Mark Sloan. McSteamy. Little Big Love. Izzie. Denny. Junkies. Alex. Derek. Erica. Callie. Callica. Lexie/Meredith. Supernatural. Jared Padalecki. Sam. Jensen Ackles. Dean. Impala. Gilmore Girls Lorelai. Luke. Java Junkies. Dean. Rory. Narco. Jess. Literati. Pushing Dasies. Ned. Chuck.
BOOKS; Twilight saga Edward and Bella. Jacob.Seth. Jasper. Alice. Rosalie. Emmett. The Host. Melanie. Wanda. Jared. Jeb. Ian. Melanie and Jared. My dream team : Chyler Leigh and Jared Padalecki. Harry Potter Saga. Jane Eyre.

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