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Guarda, guarda chi c'è qui a farti gli auguri [info]zimona !!!

A parte gli scherzi, tantissimi auguri di Buon Compleanno! Mi raccomando, passalo serena (raffreddore permettendo) e possibilmente lontano dal lavoro XD 
Ti auguro tanti pacchettini da scartare, ma ancora di più tanto felicità!! <3
Un Bacione, Simo <3
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It's so simple: 'Credit, please'.

Okay now I have enough.
For the thousand times I saw that a facebook group about Grey's Anatomy stole my graphic works to make their links. It sucks. It pisses me off. I know that it's childish, but I think that a lot of you think the same 'cause we all are graphic makers and we all are happy when someone credits us and doesn't use our works for stupid things. Am I wrong?
I know that a lot of people doesn't know how to do graphics, I get that, but we learned, why they don't do the freaking same?

I write here the links where I found my stuff and a lot of works that I saw in some livejournal so you guys can check if there's something yours!

I apologize for this rant, but I'm really pissed off.

From now this lj will be private, but a lot of you are my friends, so if you're still interested to be friends with me, just leave me a comment! Thank you so much, guys!!/pages/I-love-DEREK-SHEPHERD-3/145085548841865!/pages/Seattle-WA/3-Greys-Anatomy-Italia-3/230890805204!/pages/Le-frsi-piu-belle-di-Grecs-Antomc-3/297641103292?ref=mf

They're Italian, if you want to contact them and you have any problems just let me know!
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I tried to be someone else

 Grey's anatomy 20in20 for [info]greys20in20  : 20 icons 03x21 Desire


Private Practice 20in20 for [info]private20in20  : 20 icons 03x10 Blowup


*credit, please 
*comments are love ♥ 
*don't hotlink 
*don't alter the images 


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I carry your image always in my head

 Hi guys! I'm here again with another post, this time it's rant and graphics. Happy? I bet you are. *smirks*
I enjoyied two new contest communities and now I'm posting some icons for them. Plus, I've bought a new digital camera two or three weeks ago. Finally a good camera. I took some pictures of my town just to try the new camera and I'm really satisfied!

I don't know how many of you are interested about Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice fanfictions, but this beautiful_lie86  is where I post my fics, so if you wanna read it, it would make me really happy!

Ok, now, graphic time!

Grey's Anatomy 20in20 for [info]greys20in20  Mark and Lexie


Private Practice 20in20 for [info]private20in20   Sam and Addison


*credit, please
*comments are love ♥
*don't hotlink
*don't alter the images
*enjoy ^^

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